5 Conversation Starters When Travelling

Making new friends on holiday can be tricky, however, opening yourself to conversations can bring about lasting friendships and connections from tourists across the world.

Here are some great conversation starters:

At the airport

Ask someone the time: Lame, I know, but it works wonders. If you ever find yourself waiting at the boarding gate, casually ask someone the time. Those four words have the power to start a long-lasting friendship (or at least until you board the plane).

Share a snack: Nothing starts a conversation better than a snack. It should go something like this: “Hi, would you like a snack?” Most of the time this is enough to get the conversation flowing. If not, steer the conversation to the flight or the destination.

At a tourist destination

Ask for someone to take your picture: Asking a stranger to snap up a picture of you is by far the easiest way to strike up a conversation. Whether it is asking them about the country they are from, or about their holiday, you would be surprised at how much you may have in common with other tourists.

At your hotel

Share with a staff member: Hotel staff have the knowledge to make your time at a destination a memorable one. Perhaps ask them about the most intriguing places to see or the ones that locals love to frequent? Who knows, they may even be your personal tour guide on their day off.

Wherever the world may take you

Smile and a simple hello: Most of the time travellers fail to start a conversation because they fear of rejection.  A smile or hello is a great way to ease any tension, and hopefully, strike up a conversation between two travellers.