5 Things South Africans Should Do Before They Travel During Coronavirus Outbreak

The coronavirus has got many travellers in a tizz with some people cancelling their holiday plans.

With a handful of South Africans being tested positive for the virus, many citizens are thinking twice about going on that well deserved holiday. Before you decide to cancel your holiday, here’s what you need to do:

Know what your government is saying about the virus

Everyone is panicking about the coronavirus without knowing the facts. With all the fake news circulating, knowing what the South African government is saying about the issue is vital. Monitor the official government website and official social media pages to assess whether travelling is worth it or not.

Research the effects of the virus in that particular destination

If there is not much information on the virus from your government, your next best shot is to do your research. Start by searching the cases of coronavirus at the destination and along the route before you commit to any plans. While a holiday in Italy makes be tempting, it is not worth going during the current coronavirus outbreak.

Speak to your travel agent

Travel agents are there to advise and offer assistance when they can. They have contacts in different destinations that will alert them should the situation escalate or if there are any coronavirus cases.

Travel agents will also assist with rebooking or cancelling of trips if you require to do so. If you have not booked with a travel agent, contact the destination’s embassy in South Africa for information.

Get advice from fellow travellers who have recently visited places affected by the virus

Your best source of trusted information is from someone who has experienced the effects of a virus first hand. They would be able to provide insight on what measures to take and what to avoid should you decide to go.

Decide what’s best for you

Now that you weighed your options, you could easily be able to decide whether you want to embark on the holiday or not. If you decide to go, make sure you take all the necessary precautions.