5 Things to Do When You Check Into Your Hotel Room

The great beds, linens and amenities are just some of the perks of staying at a hotel. However, while it may be fun, travellers need to be mindful of hygiene, safety and the overall offering.

Do a run through the room with a staff member: Hotel guests can ask questions. While you do not want to be that impossible guest who criticises every little thing, asking a staff member to do a site inspect with you could help improve your stay significantly.

Sanitise before use: Some hotels pride themselves in making certain that their rooms are always clean .

However, some hygiene issues may surface without the hotel even realising it. As a guest, it is advisable to sanitise the television remote, telephone and even the headboard before use. You will thank us later!

Check the prices of the mini bar items: Never assume that the mini bar is complimentary, even if it is at a 5-star-hotel.

Many travellers indulge in the items and only realise their grave mistake when they receive a hefty bill at the end of their stay. If you are unsure, rather ask!

Unpack: Whether it is a night’s stay, a weekend away or a few days, it is a good idea to unpack your clothes. It not only beats living off a suitcase, it also creates a “home away from home” feeling.

Safety comes first: Do not take your safety for granted.  Incidents like crime or natural disasters can happen anytime, therefore always make certain that you have memorised the evacuation spots and whether all the keys and locks work.