5 Things To Pack On Your Next Trip

In the haste of packing and heading to the airport, many travellers forget essential items needed for their trip. It is only when they are halfway to their destination that they realise they have left important items at home.

Here are some items you should always include in your travels:

Power bank: What would we do without power banks, like seriously. These nifty gadgets come in handy when the juice on your phone runs low. It makes for the perfect companion after a long commute, a day of exploring or when there is load-shedding.

Comfortable shoes: With all the touring to be done, the last thing you want is aching feet. That’s where a comfortable shoe comes in handy. These shoes, whatever style you choose, can be used for hikes, walking tours or even for lazy afternoons in your hotel room.

Moisturiser: Long flights and harsh weather conditions are just some of the reasons for dry skin. A moisturiser helps to hydrate the skin and keeps you looking fresh. Ask your dermatologist what option is best suited to your skin type.

Journal: You have to jot down your experiences somewhere. Besides, a journal will be a great pastime in between the tours and activities. It is also a great way to reflect on a holiday.

Travel pillow: You may feel weird carrying around a travel pillow wherever you go, but it does come in handy for those long trips. Even travellers have to get their shut-eye.

By Clinton Moodley