5 Tips for a budget-friendly family holiday

Family travel should not break the bank and there are many ways travellers can save when on holiday with their children.

Here are 5 ways to travel cheap with the kids:

Choose a cost-friendly destination: The first step to a family holiday is choosing the destination. If you are travelling international, choose a country that has a good exchange rate to South African Rands- which could be quite affordable for the entire family.

Research, research, research: Do as much research about your destination as you can. At this stage, you would have determined your budget and will be able to decide on the places where you can enjoy the best time. Social media apps are just some of the online tools one can use to get the best of their trip.  

Choose Airbnb or self-catering accommodation rather than hotels: While hotels may seem tempting, Airbnb and self-catering accommodation are more cost-effective and spacious for the entire family. Some establishments offer gardens and other amenities that the children will enjoy.

Ditch the restaurants: It is far cheaper to cook local than to order at a restaurant. Many travellers purchase items from a local grocery store to cook a meal at their accommodation venue.

Pre-book your activities: If you and your family are looking to explore a country, you should pre-book your activities.  Booking activities at your destination could cost more than what you budgeted. However, when booking online, make sure that these places are reputable.