5 Tips For Women Travelling Solo

Jennifer Morris, the owner of Travel Savvy, shares a few useful tips for females travelling solo.

Research before you travel: Read up on your destination. Ask yourself whether it is safe for women to travel alone and whether there have been any recent incidents.  “Read as many forums and blog pages to know what to expect and what not to do,” Morris says.

Keep your documents safe: Separate your cash from travel documents and try to spread them around a bit. Morris also recommends that you keep a few copies. “If you keep everything in a bag on your shoulder and you are then a victim of a bag-snatching, you’ve lost everything.”

Use the power of social media: This is where social media comes in handy. By checking in on social media every time you visit a different place, your close friends and family can easily track your whereabouts.

“If you are not a fan of airing your business on social media, perhaps pop a message to your nearest and dearest back home and alert the hotel of your plans,” Morris says.

Take out comprehensive travel insurance: She advises women and other travellers to take out comprehensive travel insurance. A good policy will also include evacuation cover in case you need to be transported to a better medical facility or your holiday destination has turned into a war zone.“ Leave a copy of your policy and the emergency contact details with a family member or friend so  that they can facilitate things if you can’t.”

Follow these safety protocols: Keeping some form of an alarm such as an air horn, which makes a very loud sound when activated, or a loud whistle on you when you travel is essential. Alternatively, keep some form of self-defence device such as pepper spray. 

“If you do feel threatened, you can either buy yourself time to get away or else sound the alarm. 

“You can’t travel by air with pepper spray, but the little canisters are easy to buy in most Western countries. Whistles and air horns are safe to fly with.”

By Clinton Moodley