5 travel tips everyone should follow in 2019

Here are a few tips travellers should follow this year:

Take a break when you need it: Travel offers a time for people to relax and unwind. Sadly, many people do not take a break, often putting work and other responsibilities before their health and wellness. A break once a year is good for the soul and will help you discover a new place.

Try not to plan holidays with a full itinerary:  Part of a holiday means ‘me time’. However, many travellers spend more time sightseeing and tours, which leaves little time for rest. When planning a holiday, try to add a few hours to rest, relax and even indulge in a spa treatment.

Join a travel stokvel: The National Association of Stokvels of SA revealed that around 11.5 million people participate in stokvels, Travel stovels have become a new way for travellers to save with a group of family or friends for that all important trip.
Whether its New York on New Year’s Eve, London in the Summer or to see the Northern Lights in Norway, travellers have the cash whenever they want to use it.

Travel within your means: In an age where social media defines the types of places we visit, many travellers get into debt to see those luxury places. Travellers should create a budget to curb their spending habits. There are local and international places that offer gorgeous backdrops, and it does not cost an arm and a leg.

Make local travel a priority: If you are in search of a new place to travel, why not start within your country?  Many travellers are swapping international holidays for local attractions. South Africa is a treasure trove of hidden gems, from its blue flag beaches, wildlife and cuisine.