5 ways to fund your dream holiday

Everyone dreams of travelling the world, but with the current economic situation, this is not always possible.

Here are some tips to fund that dream holiday:

Decide on a budget: The type of trip will determine how much you will need to save. Your trip should be measured by how much you are willing to spend on a trip. A budget helps to find places at a destination that suits your pocket while still offering a memorable trip.

Start a travel account: I know it may seem hard to save, especially with petrol and food prices soaring. However, if you really want to ‘beach it up’ in Bali or explore the dunes in Dubai, it is best to cut down on expenses to save. Start small and add to it each month. Who knows, you may get to enjoy a holiday sooner than you thought.

Try the lay-by system: Lay-by travel, which is relatively new to South Africa, will enable travellers to pay towards their dream holiday destination for up to two years before they leave. Lay-by travel also allows your holiday to be debt free.

Look out for discounts: Travel companies and airlines offer many sales and discounts for travellers. Try to keep a look out for them as it would save you loads. Many companies have loyalty and rewards programmes that offer discounts on hotel stays and flights.

Make your holiday credit free: As tempting as it may seem to purchase it on your credit card, do not! The last thing you want is to pay off holiday months after you have returned. Rather save than accumulate a mountain of debt when you back from your holiday.

By Clinton Moodley