5 ways to plan a responsible daycation trip during level 3 lockdown

  • Clinton Moodley (IOL)

With travellers only allowed to visit select daily recreational activities during level 3 lockdown, there’s no better time to plan a daycation trip to explore your city.

Here are some tips on how to plan your daycation safely:

Pick a location

The secret of choosing a good location for a daycation is that it is not far from home. Check out the establishments that are opened to welcome locals during level 3 lockdown, and find out what their requirements are for visiting guests.

Set a budget – and stick to it

In these tough Covid-19 times, one has to be cautious with their spending habits. Drawing up a budget is essential to curb unwanted spending. Take factors like petrol, food, entrance fees and other expenses into consideration when you create your budget.

Create an itinerary

Once you set a budget, create an itinerary. Keep in mind the lockdown regulations when creating your itinerary. Chief Director: Communications for the Department of Tourism Blessing Manale told IOL Travel leisure activities, which include daily recreational activities and does not require overnight accommodation, including a visit to the cinema, museums, self-drive in parks, gambling, restaurant sit-in, business conference and meetings, is allowed.

Start the day early

While lie-ins sound tempting during winter, it’s best to start your daycation as early as possible.

Get active

After being at home for three months, why not take in the breath taking scenery around you. Go for a hike, watch the sunset during a jog on the beach or go on a self-game drive to a national park, just enjoy the privilege of being active and enjoying the benefits of nature. Remember, always wear your mask.