7 Tips For Healthy Flying

Flying can take a toll on the body – which is why people need to take the necessary caution to protect their health and skin.

Here are some tips:

Take your vitamins: Speak with a doctor about what vitamins to take. There are lots of germs on a plane- from sick passengers to bacteria. With a good vitamin, your body will fight against sickness, besides no one wants to be sick on holiday.

Use an eye serum: To avoid tired eyes, dab a bit of eye cream before the flight. Your skin does not get a lot of oxygen when flying so this helps the skin stay moisturised.

Have your lip balm in handy: No one likes chapped lips.

Keep some wet wipes and hand sanitiser: With all the germs lurking around, one has to make sure that they keep their hands clean at all times, especially if you are someone who touches their face constantly.

Use deodorant: You do not want to be known as that ‘smelly passenger’ so try to use deodorant and perfume. No one likes a smelly passenger, especially when on a long-haul flight.

Take a travel pillow: if you find yourself falling asleep frequently, try to carry a travel pillow with you. It gives you the added strength for a comfortable flight.

Stay hydrated: Drink as much water as you can to hydrate your skin. If you consume alcohol on the plane then its best to drink lots of water.