Dear Airlines, Handle Our Luggage More Carefully

Checking in

Airlines staff need to treat our luggage with some respect. I heard rumours that some airline staff open bags to check the contents before being loaded on the plane.

Some videos on YouTube show baggage handlers throwing bags down a flight of stairs, stealing items and other disturbing videos that may make you reconsider checking in your luggage.

While one would never know what happens between the check-in process until take off, it’s important to safeguard your bag’s contents before check-in.


Tired travellers, unless their luggage is missing, do not want to report damaged bags as the thought of spending time filing reports makes them think twice.

Report baggage issues immediately. Take a few minutes to assess your bag once you have collected it at the baggage carousel. Check if there is any damage or if the bag has been tampered with.

If there are any issues, head to the airline counter to make a complaint. The more issues reported, the better the airline can handle the situation.

Clinton Moodley