Do not do this on a friend’s trip

Travelling with friends can be a blessing and a curse. While everyone yearns to travel with their friends rather than exploring by themselves, being around your mates can get a bit too overwhelming.

If you and your friends are planning a getaway- there is something you should know. As much as you want to be around your friends all day, giving them a little space can improve the relationship significantly.

Try to not spend every minute of the holiday together. Most travellers have their preferences and would want to see a place that may not tickle their friend’s fancy.

So, instead of being the “clingy friend”- rather schedule a few activities that you can do without your friends. I once went on a holiday with a few friends to a local resort. The place was incredible with some of the most picturesque views. Most of my friends wanted to laze around rather than explore what the establishment had on offer. The ones who were keen to explore ventured out on their own.

At the end of the day, we had numerous stories to share. It offered us a chance to enjoy each other’s company better.

Tips when travelling with friends:

Plan a list of activities you want to do: Group activities are fun and help bring people together.

Me time is okay: Spending a few hours apart helps everyone in the group to gather their thoughts and do activities that they enjoy.

Mealtime is important: Everyone should have meals together, whether its a bush breakfast during a camping trip or lunch at a swanky new hotel.

By: Clinton Moodley