Five Packing Tips for the Traveling Couple

If you’ve travelled with a significant other, you may have run into some luggage-related stress along the way. Here are some ways you can both pack your way to happier vacation memories.

If you’ve travelled anywhere with your significant other, there’s a good chance you’ve run into some luggage-related stress along the way.

Maybe you over-packed your one checked bag and had to scramble at the counter to stuff the extra weight into your carry-on. If you want to fight less on your next trip, the key is to pack less. It’s a simple concept, but is easier said than done.

1. Packing cubes are a must

If you’re unfamiliar, packing cubes are zip-up fabric containers, typically rectangular, which can help you better organise the contents of your luggage by compressing your clothes as you pack them. If you’re not already using them, you’re trading less packing space for more travel stress.

2. Consider a new bag

If avoiding checked luggage is your goal, you may want to house your new packing cubes in a new piece of carry-on luggage. But the right bag depends on the type of trip as well. There are backpacks for hiking trips, suitcases for urban city travel and day bags for weekend trips or short one-nighters.

3. Consider a smarter wardrobe

Packing less means you’ll need to get the most out of what you wear.

“Lay out your daily outfits and only bring what you really need and bring pieces that can make several outfits. Shoes are often a major space-drain, so it helps to decide in advance what you’ll actually need on your trip, rather than planning for every possible scenario. If you’re a couple who each has your own bag, whether it be carry-on or checked luggage, split items between the two so that if one bag is lost, one person hasn’t lost 100 percent of their wardrobe.

4. Extend the life of your clothing

There are a few small items to include in your bag that can help you get multiple wears out of your clothing. Travel with a rubber stopper, and a little bit of washing liquid, as well as a line you can hang up to let them dry.

5. Share your tech (some of it, anyway)

The idea of not bringing your own cell phone is probably too traumatic to ponder for more than a few seconds, so we won’t go there, but we will offer some tips to keep it and your data safe while you travel.
But you might want to consider consolidating other devices like personal laptops, chargers and cameras. Consider investing in a plug-in USB hub that allows you to charge multiple devices at once. You’ll save on space and make your airport experience a little easier.