How Olympic athletes travel

Choose the window seat

Which seat someone selects can tell you a lot about what they value most when it comes to surviving a long-haul flight. Many athletes actually prefer the window seat in order to get as much sleep as possible.

Ship things over packing

Olympic athletes are usually traveling with lots of equipment, especially when it comes to the winter sports: If there’s a lot of time in between competitions, most athletes told me they ship what they need. If you’re going on a trip where you’ll need to bring a lot with you and are worried about lugging it all through the airport, consider if there’s anything you can ship.

Anticipate returning with more than you brought

They’re not just talking about the medals. By the time athletes finish their events and head home they have gained a lot of swag. The average traveller might not come home from a trip with a whole closet’s worth of memorabilia but leaving extra space for your return trip a good mindset to keep as you pack for a trip.

Never check what you can’t afford to lose

Whether it’s your laptop, camera, or even just your favourite scarf, everybody has something that they can’t bear the thought of losing. For athletes, it’s their gear, which is often personalised to them and can make or break their performance. Athletes told me they’ll carry on even the bulkiest gear items just to avoid the separation anxiety.