How Parents Can Prepare for Back to School Time

Back to school time is always a big transition, not only for children but for parents.

While children are filled with excitement and first-day jitters, parents are filled with thoughts of “Am I prepared enough?” Here are back to school tips to kick-start the new year and get you prepared for a fresh start.

Get back into your sleep routine. Set up a regular bedtime and morning time. Begin your usual school sleep routine about a week or so before school starts.

Shop for school supplies together. To get your child excited about starting a new grade, shop for supplies together. Allow them to pick out their own backpack, lunchbox, etc. This is a great way to give them a little bit of responsibility too!

Re-establish school routines. Have your child practice getting back into the rhythm of their daily school routine. About a week or so before school starts, plan a few outside activities where your child will have to leave and come home around the same time they would if they were in school.

Set up a homework station. Sit down with your child and together designate a time and place where they can do his homework each day. Make sure to choose a time where you are available in case your child needs your help.

Prepare for the unexpected. Working parents know that it can be difficult to find a sitter when your child is sick. Before school even begins, it’s a good idea to have a sitter already lined up in case you get that phone call home from the nurse saying your child is ill.

Make an after-school game plan. Make a plan for where your child will go after school lets out for the day. This will help eliminate any confusion during the first few weeks.

Turn off the TV and video games. For a lot of children summertime is filled with endless video games and TV programmes. Ease your child into the learning process by turning off the electrics and encouraging them to read or play quietly.

Get organised. The best way to prepare for back to school time is to be organised. With school comes a massive amount of paperwork which can consume your household. Designate a spot in your house for homework, permission slips, and any other school-related papers.