How to choose a restaurant when travelling

Experiencing different foods while in a country is one way of exploring a place. Of course, many travellers battle to choose a restaurant, often spending hours to decide on the right one.

Here are some tips to choose the right restaurant when travelling:

Research what’s popular:  Every place you visit should offer a few standout restaurants that pride itself in ambience, food and cost. Potential travellers should research the most popular ones through the various apps or social media.
Ask the locals:  If anyone would know a restaurant with good cuisine, it is the locals. They will probably recommend non-tourist spots, which is ideal for travellers who want to venture off the beaten track and soak in the local culture.

Book a food tour: Nothing beats a day of exploring while indulging in some fine cuisine. Most of these tours take travellers to different eateries, markets and even have offer cooking demonstrations. Ask your travel agent or hotel to recommend a few.

Find restaurants that celebrate local cuisine: A bunny chow in South Africa, tacos in Mexico or paella in Spain are just some of the local meals that travellers try when they visit a particular place. While some travellers may be sceptical to try foreign meals, it could end up being worth your while.  

Just wing it: Hours of deliberating never helped anyone, so why not wing it?  Instead of making a reservation, be spontaneous and step inside a random restaurant. Two things can happen: you either hate the food or savour every bit. Either way, it is bound to be an experience.