How to eat healthy at your hotel buffet

While holidays are meant to be for indulgences, many travellers go overboard when it comes to their hotel breakfast buffet.

They are determined to get value for money that they binge eat and end up feeling sick afterwards.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Having a good breakfast while on a travel trip gives you the necessary fuel to conquer the day’s activities. However, everything in moderation,” she said.

Do not gobble everything in one go: Hotel buffets can be tempting. From their freshly baked pastries to their hot breakfast options, it can be hard to resist. However, travellers staying a few days at a hotel should pace themselves instead of having everything on offer.

Do not go back for seconds:  Choose what you want and stick to it.

If you want value for money, choose luxury items that you probably would not have at home, like salmon, cream cheese or a selection of nuts. Make sure you focus on your fruit and vegetable intake: Travellers should incorporate fruit and vegetables into their breakfast.