How To Survive A Family Holiday

Family holidays are always going to have its pros and cons, but if you plan one properly, it could turn out to be the best trip of your life.

Here are some tips to survive a family holiday:

Communicate your travel plans: Communication is essential when planning family holidays. Gather the family around and make a list of places everyone wants to see when on holiday. Knowing everyone’s preferences will reduce tensions on the trip and allow everyone to have fun.

Plan an itinerary: Once you have decided the location and what everyone wants to do, create an itinerary that includes everyone’s needs. The itinerary will not only excite travellers but also keep them organised during the trip.

Discuss dinner payments: Family dinners can get quite awkward when it comes to who is paying the bill. The best way to solve this is by each family taking turns to pay, or everyone can pay for their own meals. No one wants to fight over money on their holiday.

Create rules: Before you leave, write a list of rules for each family member to follow. This can be anything from having a no phone policy or who is in charge of chores. The rules will depend on your family dynamic and the type of accommodation you have chosen.

Allow everyone their space: Family holidays are great for bonding. However, travellers should also have alone time. Time away from the family can do wonders for the soul.

Enjoy every moment:  Family holidays can either create good or bad memories. People should enjoy every moment and not take the time with their family for granted. Life is too short to be anything but happy.

By Clinton Moodley