Learn how to become travel savvy

Travel literacy falls into two broad categories: understanding how the travel industry works with its often hidden rules and restrictions; and being aware of other cultures and customs.

A vast majority of misunderstandings with airlines, hotels and cruise lines end with travellers admitting they failed to review the terms of their purchase. That’s how they ended up with, say, a non-refundable hotel room or a restrictive timeshare.

The more you travel, the more you understand how the system works.

Read a book

The right travel book can educate, inspire and enlighten.

Find your affinity group on social media

Spend time on Facebook’s travel groups connecting with new friends and learn new travel skills.

Watch a movie or documentary

While some movies can have gross misrepresentations of cultures and people, there are still an incredible amount of quality films and documentaries that give an authentic sense of place, context and history to wherever your travels may lead next.

Learn a language

A language app is a great way to brush up on your language skills before you travel.  Phrases like ‘please’, ‘thank you’, counting and asking basic travel questions.

Take a virtual trip

Downloads maps of the destination on your phone, also download the top-rated transit apps of the destination. A competent tour operator can handle everything from hotel reservations to meals, so you can have a destination worry-free.

But there’s no substitute for on-the-ground travel experience.