Level 1: 9 Tips to Stay Safe on Your Next Adventure

  • Travel Reporter

While you wear your mask and practice social distancing, it’s vital to also ensure that you exercise caution while exploring during level 1 lockdown.

Charnel Hattingh, National Marketing and Communications Manager at Fidelity ADT, says crime has steadily increased as lockdown restrictions have decreased.

She provides some tips to stay protected:

Carry as little as possible with you. Leave items like your cellphone, expensive jewellery or earphones at home. If you are going to carry a cellphone keep it concealed and only take it out when absolutely necessary. Have an emergency contact, like your local security company or CPF, on speed dial.

Stick to areas that are popular with other outdoor enthusiasts. Don’t explore places where your safety will be compromised.

Always tell someone exactly where you are going and when you will be back.

Take note of who is around and look out for any suspicious people, vehicles or activities. Security companies regularly patrol park and leisure areas, so if you are concerned about anything, report it to them.

Carry pepper spray or a whistle with you to use in an emergency. Note, only an emergency.

Take a self-defence class. Many community organisations offer these as charity fundraisers or free of charge, so find out what is available in your area – and invite your friends along!

If you venture into areas you have not been before, to hike or cycle, for example, rather go with a guide or someone else who knows the terrain and exactly what to expect on the trail.

Monitor your times when you explore. Don’t go anywhere when it’s too dark.

Exercising or enjoying leisure activities (even a picnic) in groups is always safer.