Stressed by Covid-19 And All Zoomed Out? Take A Time-Out Holiday

-Clinton Moodley

Dreaming of a relaxing trip where you can put your feet up and switch off the world? Are you stressed? Fatigued? Lacking concentration?

Well, your body might be telling you that you need a time-out holiday – a trip aimed at re-energising your mind, body and soul.

The pandemic has sabotaged many travellers’ plans and caused undue stress for everyone, which is why taking a trip is needed now more than ever.

Collin Thaver, of travel company Southern Africa 360, advised people to take a few days off to recharge after a stressful year.

“The pandemic has caused much strain on people. Most people didn’t think it would last long. The effects of Covid-19 are now taking a toll on them – emotionally, physically and financially.

“When you start to feel stress or fatigue, listen to your body and take some time out. A change of scenery is just what you need to take your mind off work or other stressors,” he said.

That’s what Cape Town resident Elske Joubert did during a trip to Papendorp in the Western Cape. She used the day trip to gather her thoughts after a stressful few months.

“For many, including myself, pre-existing mental health conditions were exacerbated by Covid-19. However, I’ve found some solace in exploring nature and comfort in some time out to recuperate and breathe.

“As we’re in the midst of one of the most trying times in our collective history, it’s imperative to take care of one’s health, both physically and mentally. A time-out holiday is a perfect way to clear your mind and explore a new destination at the same time,” she said.

All zoomed out

With people plugged into their devices 24/7, working longer hours and juggling other responsibilities, there’s no better time to put up their feet in a spectacular setting.

Thaver suggests travellers opt for destinations with limited technology. That way, they can switch off and take some time to relax and recover. The ideal part of a time-out holiday is that travellers have full control over their itinerary and travel choices.

For those with concerns about Covid-19, Thaver says the South African tourism sector is doing everything in its power to ensure safe travel.

“Everyone has the responsibility to practise all Covid-19 regulations set out by the government. That said, the hospitality industry has stepped up to ensure that it complies with regulations to protect its guests and staff. Adhering to regulations gives travellers peace of mind when they travel,” he said.

Where to go

South Africa offers many travel options to cater to everyone’s budget. He said self-catering villas and game reserves were popular among local travellers.

“The options are endless as to where South Africans can go. Whether it’s a game reserve somewhere in the Kruger National Park, a self-catering villa in the Drakensberg or somewhere in the Northern Cape,” Thaver said.

“They don’t even need to travel far. South Africa boasts plenty of places to explore within four to five hours wherever you are in the country. Travellers can enjoy a great escape within driving distance,” he said.

Other time-out holiday options include a spa getaway or a coastal trip where you spend days lazing on the beach and nights with a book taking in the sound of the ocean.

Thaver said the ideal time frame for these types of holidays should be three days.

“A three-day trip doesn’t put much strain on the pocket and requires little time away from work. It is also the perfect amount of time to unwind,” he added.