Things you can do to commemorate Human Rights Day

On 21 March, South Africans officially celebrate Human Rights Day, declared a public holiday in 1994 following the inauguration of former president Nelson Mandela.

While it pays tribute to the tragic events of the Sharpeville massacre, it is also a celebration of South Africa’s constitution, which gives equal rights to all.

Human Rights Day is but one of the many bricks in SA’s road to democracy. Here are a few tips on what you can get up to on Wednesday.

You can visit a museum

There are many museums across South Africa, so you can visit, find one closest to you and get a glimpse of your history.

Visit South African National Gallery

South Africa’s premier art museum houses outstanding collections of South African, African, British, French, Dutch and Flemish art. Selections from the Permanent Collection change regularly to enable the museum to have a full programme of temporary exhibitions of paintings, works on paper, photography, sculpture, beadwork, textiles and architecture.

Try memorial sites

There are three recognised memorial sites of the Sharpeville Massacre. These sites are the memorial garden, the police station where the masses gathered and the graves of those who were killed which can be found in the Phelindaba Cemetery.
The sites are all located in Vereeniging.

Watch historical documentaries

Just invite some friends over and take in the experiences through the magic of cinematography. Find documentaries online that tell you about what Human Rights Day really means and see how it has impacted your life.