Top tips for making a holiday video that people actually want to watch!

Shoot, shoot, shoot!

Don’t only get your camera out once you’ve arrived at your destination. Shoot your entire process – the packing, getting your passport stamped.

Get shots of yourself in there

Your family and followers like you (well, hopefully) and so they want to see you! You need to be part of your story. If you’re travelling solo, there are a lot of easy ways to get yourself into your shots. While they seem to be universally frowned upon, selfie sticks are actually very useful. Put your camera down on the ground and film yourself walking in front of it. Get shots of yourself in mirrors and reflective windows. Be inventive!

Get the scenery in there

Having said that, we need to see at least some of the scenery too! Get a few shots of where you’re staying and don’t forget to film the people around you. Ask a local if they can give you a wave into the camera.

Film every shot for at least 5 seconds

Once you’ve lined up your shot, make sure that you lock it, keeping a steady shot for at least 5 seconds. This will help you when you’re editing, and anything shorter than that doesn’t really give you much wiggle room.

Download and backup as you go

You could be on a speedboat and a huge wave crashes into the boat and your camera gets flung from the boat or you could forget your bag in a taxi or a monkey could run right up to you and snatch it from your grip – I mean, anything could happen! Remember to backup and download all your footage as go so you don’t lose any of your precious moments.

Keep the camera moving

Static shots are nice for really wide shots, but it’s more interesting to keep the camera moving just slightly when you film.

Edit it down to no longer than 2-3 minutes

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but no one really want to see more than two or three minutes of your holiday. Any more than that and the jealousy starts to take over. 2-3mins is enough to give a good overview of your trip.

Choose a good track

Chances are, you don’t have a very good mic on your camera or a professional voice-over studio at home, so rather just put a song over the whole video. Choose something that works well with the destination and if possible, even a local musician.