Travel Experts Reveal How to Save On Travel

The more you need a vacation, the less likely you are to be in the financial position to pull one together. That’s what it feels like in our experience, anyway. But what if there’s a tricky workaround? What if you could take that sorely needed week away and come home to a liveable bank account? Here’s 10 thrifty tips that’ll save you hard-earned cash on your next getaway:

Remember the Rule of Tuesdays.

Tuesday is an important day of the week in the world of air travel. If you can travel on a Tuesday or even Wednesday, you’ll probably get the cheapest flight of the week. Demand drives prices up, so you’re more likely to find a cheap flight during off-peak times. There’s plenty of technology available to get you where you want to be for the best possible price. Use it.

Be a little impulsive.

There are pros and cons to this tried-and-true technique for a quick escape from the day-to-day grind. But asking for a “cheap ticket to anywhere” doesn’t work like it used to. Today, most flights are overbooked, and last-minute flying can actually be more expensive, not less. Still, the days of the 11th-hour deal aren’t over entirely. Try signing up for your favourite airline’s email list. That way you’ll see any last-minute specials, and you can easily build a trip around what’s cheap.

Ditch the hotel.

Hotels are great, but with a new generation of travellers, hotels have taken a hit. You can find great deals on short-term house rentals instead of booking a bunch of hotel rooms for larger travel parties. There are also smaller sites in most every major city that will have a listing of units that are available for travellers to rent. Do your research and you’ll find the options are practically endless—and very affordable.

Brown bag it.

Airport food tends to be more expensive than the already-pricey food at professional sporting events and theme parks, so if you have some time to spare, make yourself a meal and bring it.

Hydrate on the cheap.

You can bring an empty water bottle and fill it at a water fountain or fill station.
It’s crucial to drink up on the plane; people tend to get really dehydrated when they travel because of the recycled air, the altitude, and the fact you don’t really drink a lot of liquids while you’re in flight. This will keep you hydrated and save you from buying an expensive bottle of water.

Take a cue from extreme couponsers.

Another way to go about saving money on food is searching hashtags on Instagram for specific locations. If you find food pics that look appetising, get in touch with the restaurant and see if they have any special deals or happy hours.