Travel myths debunked

Travel helps to change our perception of places and people, but in order for that to happen, one has to go out to explore.

There has, however, been lots of myths surrounding travel over the years.

Myth: Travel is expensive.

Fact: More and more travellers choosing budget travel, taking trips during off-peak seasons and when there are discounts.

With a range of cost-effective accommodation options and the rise of Airbnb, travellers are now able to choose exactly what suits their pockets and travel preferences.

Also, there are many cost-effective destinations for South Africans, including some parts of Asia and Africa.

Myth: Travel is unsafe

Fact: Staying in fear because you read a travel horror story online or heard an experience from a friend is silly. Yes, many destinations can be unsafe, but with great planning and understanding of the area, one can still enjoy their holiday.
If you unsure, speak to a travel agent. I am sure they will put your mind at ease and offer insightful tips.

Myth: The country’s locals speak English

Fact: While many of the major tourist destinations have English speaking guides to cater to tourists, most of the locals may not know the language. Try to learn to greet and a few expressions before you leave for your destination. It will definitely put the locals at ease.

Myth: If you take a cruise, you are bound to get sick

Fact: Most people refuse to travel on a cruise ship in fear of getting seasick. While medication from a doctor is recommended to take on board, try to go with an open mind. Try to enjoy the experience rather than let it play on your mind.

Myth: Booking with an agent is cheaper

Fact: While they offer many deals, some may be better than when you book a trip by yourself, it is not always the case. Sometimes booking a hotel yourself may work out cheaper than using a travel agent. However, always make sure that you compare prices before making the choice.