Travelling Tops Getting Married Or Having Kids – Study

Travelling is still on many people’s wish list, even before getting married and starting a family.

This latest research was conducted by research company Censuswide with a nationally representative sample of 2002 British adults.

Travelling has been picked as the second most important thing to do in the next five years for the majority of people just after buying a house.

Some of the highlights from the study include

  • Travelling equals happiness – 63% of people state that travelling makes them happier ranking just after getting married.
  • Self-esteem boost – Almost 1 in 2 people (45%) confesses that going travelling makes them feel better about themselves.
  • Within six months of travelling – 47% of people confess that they spent more money, 37% made new friends and 17% reconnected with old friends.
  • Getting married – Almost half of people who get married feel they spend more after the wedding. 18.4 % confessed they got into debt six months after tying the knot.
  • Having kids – Almost half of population (46%) say they have kids without thinking about it.
  • Buying a home – 6.9 million people claim it as the most important thing to do in the next five years.
  • Just over one in six Brits say their motivation for having gone travelling is to experience something new while almost a quarter expect to make new friends while doing so.

By Nathan Adams