Ultimate Travel Essentials

The perfect pair of headphones to drown out the dull roar of the engine? They’ll help you arrive rested and refreshed instead of haggard and jet-lagged. The suitcase that doesn’t stand up to its maiden voyage over cobblestone? It’s the reason your first day of vacation was spent tracking down a luggage store instead of exploring the corners of the destination you actually wanted to see.

All it takes is one game-changing product — or one bad experience — to know how big a difference your travel gear can make. But separating the performers from the pretenders can be tricky business.

Don’t be fooled by dainty silk eye masks. What the Design Go lacks in aesthetics it makes up for in function: soft and comfy sleeping mask that prevents disturbing light and promotes sleep. Includes free pair of soft and squishy foam ear plugs and is fully adjustable.

Bottles tend to start collapsing right when you’re mid-sip. This one has a sturdy grip sleeve, so It Keeps Its Shape. The design go squeezy bottles are cabin approved travel bottles. They are ideal for carrying liquids and gels. They have a leakproof non-drip cap and the rear suction cup makes for hands-free dispensing.

The Volkano Ultra Series Powerbank, with 10,400 mAh of charging power, this portable battery has more than enough juice to keep multiple gadgets going strong.

Practicality reigns on the packing cube front, and this three piece set was a house favourite for its affordably priced, perfectly sized pouches. The set contains a small, medium & large bag packer, with breathable mesh fabric. Zipped for security and a quick-view window for instant identification.

The ideal luggage scale is one that’s so functional you can use it on autopilot. This got a bright, easy-to-read screen, shows both pounds and kilograms. One such scale is the Cellini Digital

Sure, they’ll provide a plastic one from the travel agent, but we prefer to upgrade to something more fun (and less likely to tear off in transit). This Cellini tag’s bright pop of colour will make even the most nondescript black bag easy to spot on the carousel.

Neatly organise your passport, boarding pass, documents, and cash with this rich, Jekyll & Hide leather travel wallet. Built-in dividers make it easy to locate important papers quickly — a feature anyone who’s ever had to rifle through their bag in a panic at customs can appreciate.