What You Should Do If Your Airline Is Not Enforcing Covid-19 Regulations

  • Clinton Moodley

It is travellers’ responsibility to ensure that they wear masks and social distance where possible, but airlines need to also ensure that these rules are followed at all times.

When passengers board a plane, they want peace of mind that the airline is doing its bit to ensure that everyone is protected from Covid-19.

Transport Minister Fikile Mbalula visited OR Tambo International Airport and King Shaka International Airport over the weekend to inspect its adherence to Covid-19 regulations following complaints that some airlines were not enforcing the wearing of face masks or sanitising.

Here’s what you should do if your airline is not complying with Covid-19 regulations:

Take photographs or video evidence

Photographic and video evidence is vital. Many airlines may dismiss any claims if there is no evidence to back it up.

Report the matter to the airline

The first thing you should do is lay a complaint to the airline, detailing your experience and regulations that were not followed.

This will allow management to enforce stricter rules and reprimand staff who are not adhering to the set regulations. Ask the airline to share the progress of the case with you.

Inform Airports Company South Africa

Besides laying a complaint to the airline, also inform Airports Company South Africa about the incident. The company will be able to keep track of the complaints and address the incidents with the airline and the relevant departments involved.

If you get no response, call the airline out on social media

Posting the evidence on social media should be your absolute last resort. If the relevant aviation bodies, including the airline, are not doing anything about the complaint, then address it on social media. Sharing your experience on social media can educate other travellers who are flying during the pandemic