Why every traveller needs a checklist

A travel checklist is beneficial in more ways than one.

I was halfway on a flight to cape town from Durban when I realised that I forgot to pack my medicine and a warm jacket.

Knowing full well that should the weather take a turn for the worse or, God forbid, there is a medical emergency, I was in serious trouble.

Fortunately, I was only going to another city within the country so getting those meds or another jacket was easy. Travellers to international countries or to remote parts of South Africa may not be as lucky.

Every traveller should have a travel checklist, especially if you as forgetful as I am. I once forgot my socks and dental kit at home- and spent hours at a local market in Thailand trying to purchase replacements.

While it may seem trivial, forking out money for something that you could have easily brought from home will set you back- especially if the local currency is stronger than the ZAR.
Travellers should plan their checklist up to 2 weeks before their trip to avoid any last minute surprises.

Here are some items to tick on your next checklist:

Travel documents: These may include passports, identity documents, travel insurance papers, accommodation and tour paperwork and flight tickets.

Medication: Travel emergencies can happen anytime so having the correct medication as ordered by your doctor is important.

Toiletries: No one wants to forget their deodorant or toothbrush.

Money: Need we say more?

Clothing: Depending on the weather at your location, try to make a list of clothing items that are needed – from swimsuits to jackets, make sure you take clothing to suit all weather conditions.