Why You Should Gift Travel

Gone are the days when people gift socks, underwear or perfume to someone for their birthday.
With travel becoming accessible for everyone, many people have swapped the normal gift ideas for
something that demands a little exploration.
The gift of travel opens your mind to different cultures and cuisines. It creates lasting memories and
allows you to look forward to something long after that special occasion is over.
Many people may assume that gifting travel is a costly affair, but it really is not. There are many
deals available that offer value for money. Look at booking sites that offer reduced prices on
holidays. If you are lucky, some establishments may throw in a free breakfast.
Here are some reasons why you should gift travel:
You get to experience different cultures: Depending on where you are travelling, travellers get to
experience different cultures and traditions during trips. From visiting a cultural village or dining with
a local, there’s plenty of experiences that come with a single travel gift.
It is an excuse for group travel: Travel unites people. A single gift can entice others to want to travel,
some even booking the same destination to spend with their friends.
It will be a hard gift to beat: Be the rival of your friends or family when you gift them a travel gift.
Your gift is most likely to be talked about for months unless they receive something extravagant like
a car.

By Clinton Moodley